Do you accept insurance?

Beginning January 1, 2019 we will no longer accept any insurance plans. Please inquire by phone for details.

What should I expect at my first visit?

We require that all documents be completed prior to scheduling an appointment. Please contact our office and we will send you the necessary links to complete the forms. These include a link to an extensive medical questionnaire called the Living Matrix and a link to our Patient Portal md-hq.com. Please make note that the Living Matrix is not supported by Internet Explorer, so you will need to use another web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox, for example to complete the questionnaire. We will also have you complete the new patient intake forms in our Patient Portal. These are separate intakes and both need to be completed in advance of making an appointment. Depending on how extensive your medical history is, you can expect these questionnaires to take 1-3 hours. You will also want to gather and bring in any relevant records or labs for the last 6 months only, for Dr. Kubesh to reference and review. It is likely that Dr. Kubesh will order some sort of labs after your initial appointment that requires you to return for a fasting blood draw, usually on a Friday, between 7:30 and 9:30 am. If you are unable to arrange to come during this designated time that we have a phlebotomist on site, we will try to make arrangements for you to go to an approved lab to have you blood drawn, depending on what labs are being ordered.

How long is a typical visit?

New patients are scheduled for 60 minutes. Dr. Kubesh will spend a good amount of time reviewing your Living Matrix questionnaire before your visit in order to prepare for your visit and to make the most of your time together, so please make sure you fill out all required intake forms prior to your visit. Follow up visits are typically 30 or 45 minutes.

Can Dr. Kubesh be my Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

While Dr. Kubesh can do a lot of what a Primary Care Provider typically does, a Functional Medicine Doctor is not a replacement for your Primary Care Physician. Dr. Kubesh is not available after hours or for urgent care appointments. She also does not provide Women’s annual exams. Due to her busy schedule, it may be difficult to get an appointment with short notice to be seen for acute colds and illnesses. Typically, we prefer that you work in conjunction with a good primary care physician that is open and supportive of the functional medicine approach.

What is your fax number?

Our fax number is 425-333-7386

How do I get my prescription refilled?

Please contact your pharmacy 3-5 days prior to needing the refill, in order to allow sufficient time to process your request. Prescription refills are not responded to outside of our normal business hours.

Where are you located and is there parking on site?

We are located inside the Lester Professional Building at 1800 116th Ave. NE, Suite 101, Bellevue, WA 98004. Parking is available on-site.

How do I get copies of my lab results?

If you haven’t already, please sign up for our Patient Portal, patientsupport.md-hq.com, in order to access your labs and records.

How do I refill my supplements?

Most of the supplement brands we carry are available for purchase through our office.

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